SIA "Jēkabpils PMK" was founded in 1993. on 18. in may, the former "Jekabpils mobile mechanized column' base. Our office and technical base is located in one of the oldest Jēkabpils streets, Madonas street, senlaicīgā, one of the former manor buildings. SIA "Jēkabpils PMK" owes its origins to as far back as 1952. year. Over time, changes in different names, in 1958. December 9. April created the Krustpils construction administration. 1963. in Krustpils construction administration renamed the Kansas construction management. It takes years and 1976. on 25. in February, combines the Kansas construction management and Jekabpils mobile mechanised column, naming the newly created organization of "Jekabpils mobile mechanised column". Then came our country in a time of change, which was a severe reflection and survival time for many large companies. Of the several hundred workers were left with few. Thanks to the company's executives uzņēmībai the decision was taken to establish a new company SIA "Jekabpils PMK", which in 2016. on 18. may turns 23. years.

Jekabpils PMK

From building companies inception it was headed by an experienced engineer-builder, Jekabpils honorary citizen, now chairman of the board Uldis Helmut Putniņš, who 2015.on 7.February held in the afterworld. The company's management assumed the engineer - builder Ben Diamond - "2008.best construction manager in Latvia".
Precise planning and implementation of construction intention, at the moment SIA "Jekabpils PMK" is one of the leading būvfirmām not only Kansas, but also throughout the Austrumlatgales in the region.


About us

The construction company "Jekabpils PMK" makes general construction works, manages, supervises general construction, and builds water supply and sewerage systems.

Latest News

In September 2016, the project "The construction of the building of concrete production factory" was launched, the aim of which was to promote the production of concrete products complying with European Union standards in Zemgale region of Latvia, and in particular in Jekabpils city and its region within a radius of 70-100 km, thus promoting the development and employment of SMEs in the region.

As a result of the project, production space of 1083.3 sq.meters will be built and the premises will be equipped with concrete production equipment to provide a wide range of concrete product assortment production.

The project is implemented with the support of the European Regional Development Fund with the specific support objective "Promote the establishment and development of MVK, in particular in the manufacturing industry and priority sectors of RIS3" in the measure "Support for investments in the construction or reconstruction of industrial premises and infrastructure". Project No.