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Construction work, construction machinery, manufacturing

1. Construction work, management and construction supervision

2. Design of building constructions and management of building construction projects

3. Construction and maintenance of roads, streets and squares

4. Construction, management and construction supervision of river hydrotechnical constructions

5. Construction, management, construction supervision of water supply, sewerage, heat supply and ventilation systems.
1. Tinplate manufactures and installs:
Various roof elements, window sills, rainwater drainage systems, stainless steel chimneys, chimney surfaces, various non-standard parts

2. Concrete and mortar factory

3. Grod plant produces:
Battery grooves, slabs, base plates, support rings, foundation blocks

4. Pavement plant produces:
Paving stones, brass ceilings
1. Various scale projects and complexity projects

2. The engineering team has 10 employees

3. We are FIDIC Yellow Book Holders: we can build and design in parallel

4. The team's leading architects have over 20 years of experience
1. We have a wide range of construction equipment: from vehicles to excavators and bulldozers.

2. We rent, buy, rebuild, repair and modify

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Turkish house of cultural events
Turkish house of cultural events
Jekabpils 3rd secondary school renovation
Jekabpils 3rd secondary school renovation
Reconstruction of the hangar of Sport hall in town of Livani
Reconstruction of the hangar of Sport hall in town of Livani
Reconstruction of the 5-floor building of the Jekabpils Regional Hospital with an infectious disease and day-care unit extension Andreja Pormaļa street 125, Jekabpils
Reconstruction of the 5-floor building of the Jekabpils Regional Hospital with an infectious disease and day-care unit extension Andreja Pormaļa street 125, Jekabpils
Secondary school reconstruction in town of Bebrene
Secondary school reconstruction in town of Bebrene
Shopping center in Jekabpils
Shopping center in Jekabpils


One of the goals of the company has remained unchanged with changes in both state policy and company names – it is the quality improvement we are striving today.

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We have ISO 9001 certificate

We are professionals in construction

Taking into account changes in ISO 9001 standards in order to improve the company's operations within the QMS, the company should develop and implement the "Risk Management" procedure by the end of 2016

We speak languages

We will find a common language with you

Special attention of the construction company SIA "Jēkabpils PMK" is paid to the management style which is based on advisory and collegial relations in the company.

We carefully listen to your wishes

All decisions are made in accordance with them

Our company's future vision is to be always in the right time, place and area, accurately and efficiently addressing any issues related to the specifics of our work.


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SIA "Jekabpils PMK"


Madonas iela 27, Jekabpils, Latvia, LV-5202


Phone: +371 65221485

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About us

The construction company "Jekabpils PMK" makes general construction works, manages, supervises general construction, and builds water supply and sewerage systems.

Latest News

In September 2016, the project "The construction of the building of concrete production factory" was launched, the aim of which was to promote the production of concrete products complying with European Union standards in Zemgale region of Latvia, and in particular in Jekabpils city and its region within a radius of 70-100 km, thus promoting the development and employment of SMEs in the region.

As a result of the project, production space of 1083.3 sq.meters will be built and the premises will be equipped with concrete production equipment to provide a wide range of concrete product assortment production.

The project is implemented with the support of the European Regional Development Fund with the specific support objective "Promote the establishment and development of MVK, in particular in the manufacturing industry and priority sectors of RIS3" in the measure "Support for investments in the construction or reconstruction of industrial premises and infrastructure". Project No.